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NYC to Stockholm, Sweden for Only $276

SFO and Washington D.C. to Warsaw, Christmas and New Year's for $514

Washington D.C. to Mumbai for only $547!

Philadelphia or Dallas to Madrid/Barcelona Spain from $389!

Chicago to Seoul, South Korea for only $487!

SFO/Chicago/LAX/Houston/NYC to Vietnam from $465!

Hi There, I'm Ari!

For the last 10 years, I've been flying my family for dirt cheap all over the world. Friends and family wanted in on the deals, so I created Fly Almost Free to share the love.

I'm obsessed (my wife would say "too obsessed") with finding the best deals to places all over the world. I spend most of my day reading about airlines, searching for deals, and networking with other nutcases like me, so you don't have to!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find such deals?

Is this Free?

Yes! There's also a paid version (called "Ultra") - those members get more deals and get them sooner then free members. You can only join Ultra if you're on the free list :-)

A combination of mild OCD and good computer skills help me find the best deals, faster and better then most.

What Airports and Airlines do you cover?

How many deals will I get a month?

Wherever commercial airlines fly; all flights are from USA airports, and return prices are quoted. If there's a good deal, we'll find it and let you know. 

[Don't worry about getting too much mail - you can easily modify your preferences to tailor your traveling needs.]

It depends. The more great airfare deals there are, the more we send out. Generally we find around 30-50 really good deals a month (7-10/week). We'll send free members around 10-15 of those deals (2/week). Ultra members will get them all.

Do you have Domestic Deals?

Can I only get deals from or to a specific airport?

Not yet. We're actively working on it and hope to add it soon. In the meanwhile, go read about hidden city ticketing. If you have the stomach, fly Spirit or Allegiant.

Not yet. Deals come and go, and often the deals are from airports near you, but not the specific one you selected. Sometimes it's often worth it to drive an extra hour or add an extra connecting flight to take advantage of super cheap deals.

Are these deals legit? Will the airlines let me get on the planes?

All of these deals are 100% true, published airfares. We even send you a link to book them on Google Flights.

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